Wine Racking: The Modern and Minimalist Take on Cable Wine Systems

Cable Wine Rack System

When people inquire about Custom Wine Cellars, they often request styles that differ from traditional wooden racks and bins. Modern, luxury, and high-end designs are more in demand than ever. We are pleased to carry the Cable Wine Systems line of products to meet that demand.

An innovative system for luxury residential and commercial wine cellars, Cable Wine Systems are revolutionizing the way wine is stored and stored  

With modern wine rack systems, Custom Wine Cellar aims to create luxurious wine cellars. Cable Wine Systems’ innovative wine racks have been used by us for some time, and were installed in high-end homes, shops, hotels, restaurants, etc. 

Developed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Cable Wine Systems was launched in 2011. The company’s goal is to develop a stylish alternative to the more traditional styles of wood and  metal wine storage systems. Wine collectors will appreciate a modern solution that fits into their existing themes.  

Toronto hosted the International Interior Design Show 2012 where they launched their product line. From builders, designers, and architects, it received positive feedback and recommendations.  Their modern wine racks have become increasingly popular all over the world since then.  

At Cable Wine Systems, all of the horizontal cables are supported by clamps and tension sets that anchor everything vertically. 

Schafnitz Custom Wine Cellar Metal Hanging Racking
Cable Wine System

Cable Wine Systems offers modern wine racks of the highest quality

Are you interested in building your own wine cellar? Maybe you want to upgrade your current design with something that will make heads turn while keeping your valuable wine collection safe and secure

What are the benefits of using Cable Wine Systems?

There are many benefits to Cable Wine Systems products, including easy reading of the wine labels, flexibility, minimalism, and  eye-popping layouts. The types of shelving available include floated shelves, angled displays, label-forward shelving, and cork-forward shelving.

Visibility of the label

Cable Wine Systems’ modern wine racks are designed with a bottle configuration that provides easy visibility to the labels of the wines. In the lower section of the rack, the bottles’ labels are facing up, while in the higher section, the bottles’ labels are facing down. Label-forwards or cork-forwards are both options depending on your aesthetic preference.  

Cable Wine Systems Racks are versatile and flexible  

Cable Wine Systems’ wine racks are also versatile. Different sizes of bottles can be accommodated by them. Adaptable to fit large format bottles from 100ml up to 1500ml without additional cost, cables between them can be adjusted

Cable Wine System

Cable Wine Systems offers versatile wine storage systems that can accommodate your preferences in terms of how bottles are arranged. The racks will be delivered and put together onsite, and custom layouts and positions can be customized to suite your needs.  

Cable wine systems can be configured horizontally with the neck slightly angled down, floating shelves, or a combination of all three. In case you wish to have the wall décor exposed behind the racking, we are able to adjust the horizontal spacing between the horizontal cables. If you have a few bottles in your collection, the spacing between the horizontal rows can be increased. Keep in mind that the vertical cables cannot be changed or adjusted.   

You can also illuminate your collection with a variety of accent lights that are housed in the sleek wine racks from Cable Wine Systems.

Stylish features, high-quality materials, and a choice of finishes  

Cable Wine Systems has brought contemporary racking to a higher level. Their products are highly in-demand in creating an illusion of floating wine racks and are made from the finest stainless steel cables, and chrome brass clamps. The high-quality materials will ensure that your bottles are held securely in their cradle for many years.

Creating a custom wine rack 

Display your wines in style with cable wine racks. In addition to meeting the number and size requirements of the bottles in your collection, your modern wine storage system will be designed to fit into any room in your house.  

The design will be tailored to match the shape and size of your wine room and be able to blend well with any existing décor. This allows you to display wine almost anywhere in your home or business. Under stairways and in tiny corners of the house, custom wine racks are a great fit. 

Luxury wine rack systems made from metal  

Wine storage racks by Cable Wine Systems offer you a spectacular way to showcase your collection. The metal wine racks in this collection will suit your luxury style wine cellar.  

Contemporary Wine Racks  

Wine collectors are increasingly opting for minimalist interiors for their homes and businesses. With Cable Wine Systems, you can create display areas that are eye-catching and visually appealing. The use of metal enables us to create a minimalist wine cellar design that is elegant and complements current design trends.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the Cable Wine System cost? Pricing depends on how high, wide, and deep the racking is.
  2. What are the available finishes? – Cable Wine Systems tension sets are available in two finishes: chrome and satin nickel. This clamp is only available in chrome finish.
  3. How long does it take for my Cable Wine Systems racking to arrive? Cable Wine Systems normally ships out products within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving your order. Your order will arrive between 3-12 weeks after you place it. Increased demand is one of the reasons for delays.
  4. Are professionals required for the installation of Wine Cable System racks? In short, yes. To assemble and install your wine racks, Wine Cable Systems recommends the use of qualified, experienced contractors. The reason is that the ceiling or top mounting area where tensions are applied to the cables must be reinforced structurally in order to sustain the forces.
  5.  Are installation services provided by Cable Wine Systems? In this case, Cable Wine Systems will refer you to one of their authorized dealers (if there is one in your area) to assist you with the installation. Technical support is also provided for whoever installs your wine racks.
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