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Racks for Wine

The display and safety of your wine collection will not be ensured by mediocre wine racks. Custom Wine Cellar will help you choose the appropriate wine racks for your needs. Whether a wine rack is desired for a residential or commercial application, our wooden and metal wine racks will fit your needs. Utilizing our expertise, experience, and creativity, we will design a wine storage system that suits your collection.

Racks for Commercial and Residential Wine Cellars Offering a Tasteful Design

Given that there are so many wine racks to choose from, it is not surprising that you have a difficult time selecting one that suits your needs. Custom Wine Cellar specializes in designing wine racks that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We understand how important it is to create the right atmosphere in your wine cellar with the racking that holds your bottles.

We will fulfill any requirement you may have. Our wine racks come in a variety of styles. Our wine racks come in kit form as well as custom made. Our goal is to determine which type of wine rack would be ideal for your space based on the information you provide. The following information is essential: 

  • Your wine cellar should have an overall appeal (traditional, contemporary, or transitional).
  • Approximately how many bottles you would like to collect
  • Your wine room’s shape and size
  • What your budget is

Our wine rack recommendations will be based upon a careful assessment of your aesthetic and functional needs. Keep in mind that you are not obliged to follow our recommendations. Choosing your dream wine cellar still comes down to your choice of wine rack.

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Wine Racks Metal & Woods

Self Assembled Wine Racks - Made of Wood

Compared to other wine rack options, self-assembling wine rack kits are the most cost-effective and best for high density storage. These wine racks are no less durable, reliable, and of superior quality than custom wine racks. It is simply that the sizes and styles are standard. The options are so many that in almost all cases, they can be combined to create a wall to wall beautiful wine cellar.

These racks have a significantly lower price. A kit offers an economical and efficient method for racking a room. A “custom” look can then be achieved by adding fillers and extenders.

We add a 1.5” toe-kick base and horizontal dado spacer bars to our wooden wine racks help provide stability and protect your wine collection. In order to prevent wine labels from being damaged, we hand-sand the edges. We securely glue and staple the wine racks to keep them in place.

Each cubicle has a standard opening of 3-3/4″. A variety of sizes, heights, depths and configurations are available in our wooden wine racks. We most commonly use Sapele Mahogany, Premium Redwood, All-Heart Redwood, Malaysian Mahogany, Knotty Alder, and Pine to make wine racks.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these species. You will be guided by our experts in choosing the right wood for your needs.

Wine Racks
Traditional Styles

  • Quarter round
  • Individual wine racks
  • Column wine racks
  • Column wine racks with a display row
  • X bins
  • Diamond bins
  • Rectangular bins 
  • Solid lattice
  • Lattice bin and case
  • Arch with a tabletop
  • Glass wine rack
  • Horizontal display rack
  • Waterfall wine rack
Wine Cellars – Design Ideas
Wine Cellars – Design Ideas
When it comes to creating a unique display area for wine in a cellar, custom wine racks would make a great choice

It is essential that you choose custom wine racks if you want the racking to fit the size and shape of your wine room. Using this option will also allow you to maximize the storage capacity of your wine cellar, since every corner can be utilized to its fullest.   

Even though customized wine racks are more expensive than kit racks, you will be able to design them to your exact specifications. Enhance your wine cellar’s appeal and functionality by adding features.   

Achieving your client’s vision is crucial to our industry. We always want our clients’ wine rooms to reflect their individuality. Combining different racking styles helps to create a beautiful wine display.   

As the market for wine cellar construction grows, contemporary wine displays are becoming increasingly popular. Our modern wine cellars feature metal wine racks. Designed with sleek aesthetics and easy installation, they’re a great choice. No matter what decor you have, they will look great.  

For wine racks, VintageView metal stands are recommended by Custom Wine Cellar. Their wine storage systems are among the most dependable in the U.S. They offer a range of styles and capacities for their metal wine storage systems.

Additionally, Cable, STACT, and Ultra PEG wine racks are available. They are made of stainless steel or wrought iron depending on the kind. We will utilize the metal wine rack system that meets your needs according to what you need.

Discover the different types of metal wine racks offered by Custom Wine Cellar.

Metallic wine racks offer several benefits

  • Give your space a luxurious feel
  • Conveniently browse through wines (labels in front of the bottles)

Installs easily

  • Flexible (freestanding and wall-mounted options are available)

Metal construction (durable)

  • Beautiful stains and finishes (a number of elegant choices are available)
  • Can fit into small corners or narrow spaces (maximizing storage space)
  • Easy expansion of storage capacity
Schafnitz Custom Wine Cellar Metal Hanging Racking
Custom Wine Cellar Metal Hanging Racking

Our experts are on hand to assist in the selection of the right wine rack for your home

Choose the right type of wine racks to avoid making a mistake. Our team at Custom Wine Cellar will work with you to design and build wine racks that are durable and tastefully designed so that your precious wines are beautifully displayed. We offer a variety of wine storage solutions to meet every budget.
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