We offer the best discounts on wood wine racks of the highest quality.

Have you ever wanted to build your own wine cellar but were worried about the cost? We manufacture high-quality wine rack kits. A kit of this quality is also used for custom wine cellars. We build them, so that’s why. Wooden wine racks are a popular option for storing, protecting, and showcasing your wine.

Discount wine racks direct from the factory. You can buy discounted wine racks of all shapes, sizes, wood species and dimensions without going through the middle man.

These self-assembly wine racks are factory direct. All of them are handmade, not mass produced, and are considered semi-custom. The display grid interface consists of a number of standard elements, including displays in rows and columns, single bottles, and lattices of diamond bins. There are plenty of combinations of elements and sizes to choose from.

Standard Wine Rack Design Elements

Due to the fact that they are all handmade to common design elements, you can order something extremely unique and pay only factory direct prices.

Please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for. If we are unable to provide you with exactly what you are looking for, we will be very surprised.


Using the design elements below you can create semi-custom wine cellar racks:

Types of storage

  • Storage for a single bottle
  • Display Row Storage
  • Double Deep Storage
  • Split Bottle Storage
  • Diamond Style Storage
  • X-Cube Bins Style Storage
  • Lattice Diamond Bulk Bin Style Storage
  • Lattice Diamond Single Bottle Style Storage
  • Lattice Rectangular Bulk Bin Style Storage
  • Solid Diamond Bulk Bin Style Storage
  • Solid Rectangular Bulk Bin Style Storage
  • Case Racks Style Storage
  • Champagne/Magnum Storage

Wood Species

  • Premium Redwood
  • Northwestern Pine
  • Malaysian Mahogany

Display Types

  • 6ft, 7ft. and 8ft Height Displays
  • Waterfall Displays
  • Quarter Round Displays Lattice
  • Quarter Round Displays Solid
  • Vertical End Displays


  • Lacquer
    • Lacquer
    • No Lacquer
  • Stain Colors
    • Wheat
    • Cherry
    • Rustic
    • Early American
    • Chestnut
    • Chappo
    • No Stain

Other Elements

  • Curved Arches
  • Stemware Arches
  • Moldings
    • Straight Crown
    • Straight Toe Kick
    • Inside Curved Crown
    • Inside Curved Toe Kick
    • Outside Curved Crown
    • Outside Curved Toe Kick

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