Wooden Wine Racks Designed for a High-End Home Wine Cellar

Wooden Wine Racks Designed for a High-End Home Wine Cellar

The owners of an elegant home in Santa Fe, California, needed help to transform their space into a home wine cellar using wooden wine racks. They sought the help of Wine Cellar Designers Group in building their dream wine cellar. Our team utilized wine racks made of an attractive material and included racking styles that would add a luxurious appeal to the racking.  

Impressive Wooden Wine Racks

When you plan to build a home wine cellar, it is best to do thorough research on the different builders and contractors that provide services in your area. It will ensure that all of your requirements are met, and you receive exceptional customer service from beginning through to the completion of your project.     

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we are dedicated to creating wine storage facilities for wine collectors who want a sophisticated wine rack system and a reliable wine cellar cooling unit installed in their home wine cellar.  

In Santa Fe, California, the owners of a high-end home contacted us because they needed help in their wine room installation project. They thought it was a great idea to invest in a refrigerated wine cellar where they could store their prized wines and liquors in a safe and beautiful wine room.   

Knotty Alder Wooden Wine Racks Add Elegance to this Home Wine Cellar

Awe-Inspiring Design and High-Quality Material for the Wooden Wine Racks

Stylishly Designed Wooden Wine Racks

Wine racks play a significant role in achieving the ambiance and look in your wine cellar. As a master builder, our experience in the construction industry has made us an expert in designing wine racks. We always want every wine display to be a conversation starter. We always make sure that your requirements are noted by making a careful assessment of your needs. With many wine rack styles and materials available, it is best to consult with a specialist.  

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we offer kit and custom wooden wine racks. Our self-assembly kit wine racks are ideal for those who have a tight budget. They are available in standard sizes and styles. We can combine various styles and add fillers and extenders to create a custom-looking wine storage system without having spending much. 

Custom wine racks are perfect for those who want their racking to fit the shape and size of their wine room. This option will allow us to maximize the capacity of your space. Another advantage of customizing your wine racks is that it allows you to add the feature you want.  

Stylish Wooden Wine Rack Styles Combined to Create a Unique Wine Display and Storage Area

When you enter the cozy home wine cellar, you will see an arch display at the center of the back wall. We added a tabletop to provide a space for serving and drinking wines and displaying a few bottles vertically. We added a puck light to illuminate the area.  

We also included two rows of horizontal display wine racks, a drawer below the tabletop, and diamond bins at the bottom section On both sides of the arch are individual wine racks, which display the bottles with the cork facing out.  

We also added high-reveal display rows for highlighting some of the client’s bottles at a 15-degree angle. This type of bottle orientation keeps the cork moist, preventing it from drying up and becoming brittle.  

The wine rack system also includes horizontal display racks and panels for the owner’s liquor bottles. We lit-up the panels dramatically to create a focal point in the home wine cellar.   

Wooden Wine Cellar Racks with Arched Display and a Tabletop

Knotty Alder: The Perfect Material for the Wine Racks

In this particular project in California, the owners wanted a warm and cozy feel in their home wine cellar. We used Knotty Alder for the wooden wine racks and applied a rustic stain lacquer to incorporate rustic charm into the wine room.     

Knotty Alder is known for having beautiful burls and knots, durability, and high resistance to high humid conditions in refrigerated wine cellars. Other wood options include Mahogany, Redwood, and Pine.   

The Glass Wine Cellar Door

Home Wine Cellar Door That Complements the Wooden Wine Racks

The wine cellar door is another essential component in constructing a wine room. Its style and material matter a lot because it has a significant effect on the overall appearance of your home wine cellar 

In this project, Wine Cellar Designers Group installed a beautiful entryway that complements the wooden wine racks. The arched wine cellar door matches the arched windows and doors in the residential property. The arched frame is made of Knotty Alder, the same material as the racking. 

In addition to beauty, we are also particular about the functionality of every wine cellar door we install. The glass panel is thermally insulated to prevent condensation from forming inside the wine room and on the door itself.  

We used a technology called the LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) to increase the strength and stability of the door, making it last longer in a humid environment. To create an airtight seal around the door, we equip it with sealing components like weather stripping. In this project, we used the Q-Lon seal, which minimizes the gaps around the door. 

Installing the correct seal will also help regulate the conditions inside refrigerated wine cellars and minimize energy consumption. We also installed an automatic door bottom, a mechanical feature that helps create a good seal by keeping the door tightly closed. 

Work with Our Experts in Designing Wooden Wine Racks

Let us create a beautiful custom home wine cellar for your collection! Our experts will install high-quality wooden wine racks that will house your wines safely and attractively. If you need help, you can talk to our specialist at (702) 475-5399  

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